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Anita Brewinska
Hello, we used Tomasz's services in September with a group of several people. The trip from A to Z was well organized. In addition to the fact that we saw all the top places (of course, according to our time possibilities), Tomek also showed us a more wild Iceland, less touristy places, beautiful routes, accommodation in great, atmospheric and magical places, including accommodation in tents where he was provided all the equipment we need. We were 100% taken care of. But what is very important and what, apart from the charms of Iceland, we remembered and what made this trip unique and unforgettable are: Tomek - his humor, energy, stories, knowledge, flexibility and approach to the group. In a word, without hesitation: RECOMMENDED!

Maciek Brzozowski
I also recommend. Tomek is not only an efficient organizer, but also a storyteller and a great travel companion. He knows all the interesting corners of Iceland that you will not see on a commercial trip. And it's a thoroughbred "Aurora hunter" - we saw the Northern Lights 3 times in 6 days 

Kamilla Kot  
I was in December, unforgettable impressions, Tomek very helpful, organized, I recommend.

Maciej Listewnik
We were with Tomek in June on a 10-day tour of Iceland. Everything was perfect. Starting from transport, through places to stay and the selection of places where we were simply breathless. It was beautiful.
I recommend it 100%

Leszek Karolkowski
I was there last year. Very good organization and unforgettable experiences. Also extreme.

Artur Kapacki
I also recommend it, we were last year in November. It was a trip we won't forget!!!

Barbara Simer
Happy new year. We were there, unforgettable impressions, a dream group, and Tomek definitely worth recommending 

Marek Siarek
I recommend it, I've been twice, it's always been great.

Artur Wolyniec
I recommend Low Travel. With Tomek you will go much further than what he has on offer. And driving a Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 off-road will have you jumping out of your socks!!! No one will regret even an hour on this island...

Ewa Turska
I recommend it with a clear conscience. Full professionalism. Mr Tom is amazing. He has a lot of knowledge about Iceland, he knows every nook and cranny. I personally will definitely use the services again because it is fabulous. 

Kiran Gowda recommends LoweTravel.
January 14, 2022  
He is a great guy it was one of my best days in iceland 🇮🇸 traveling with @lowetravel I would recommend people to travel with him

Natalia Juszczyszyn is with Filip Laszuk and Bogna Helena Jurewicz.
After our trip to Romania on off-road, I started calling Tomek God after seeing his skills behind the wheel. this is probably the best recommendation. unforgettable trip, so many adventures in a few days 😮 something beautiful! I greet and recommend adventures with this man to everyone, it's really worth it.

Mieczysław Szymczyk recommends LoweTravel.
We are delighted! Iceland is a beautiful place and Tomek is able to infect true love for it.

Grzegorz Turski
If a trip to Iceland is only with Lowetravel and under the care of Mr. Tomek
The right person in the right place!!!!!!

Agnieszka Jędrzejewska
And me and my family were with Tomek in Iceland in July, it was an unforgettable adventure. We recommend and thank Tom for the time spent together.

Radek Rokosz
Hello LoweTravel groups. We had the opportunity to meet Iceland and Tomek in February 2022 - 3 days, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Fear, anxiety caused by leaving loved ones in Poland and going into the unknown at a bad time for Iceland and visiting it due to the weather. Compensation for the first night - dark, cold, pavements frozen, rain pierced clothes down to underwear, and waiting for Łysy unknown. A joke, of course. Bald Tomek (called Wojtek) mastered in every way in his mega-safe machine opens his second home for us (because no one else has arrived) and since he is an extraordinary traveler, those who were there will surely find out, and those who will recommend him I guarantee they won't be bored.

Aga Rokosz
An unforgettable adventure with a SUPER guide! I hope that time will allow for more adventures with Tomek... Regards

Katarzyna Bronowicka 
I recommend it 100%. Iceland charmed us with its mystery and austerity, but also with its serenity and peace of mind. For a few days with my husband and friends, we traveled hundreds of kilometers under the care and guidance of Tomek, who wonderfully led us through the Icelandic wilderness. Thank you very much for an unforgettable experience and a great time.

Anna Jur
Unique experiences, great communication and a car that will go everywhere :) After the first adventure, there will definitely be another one!

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